Behind the Design Scene

Meet our young and ever so talented artist, Divya!

Drawing since a child but only professionally for 5 years, Divya is the talent who brings our creations to life.

artist for coddi and womple

My favorite days are the days she emails me, I can’t download those pictures fast enough in a move-my-phone-to-get-more-reception, kinda way. We simply give Divya the story of our creatures (which takes a lot of ground work, soul searching and research) and how we want them portrayed and in a few days... they start coming to life!

When we get our artwork back a lot of things need to be considered...

🌈 Initial heartbeat reaction - is it love?

Followed by,

🌈 The nitty-gritty details:

- is the personality correctly displayed?
- how are the lines, too thin, too thick?
- how will this fit into a pattern?
- once enlarged what details will be seen and what needs to be made clearer.
- what elements are missing or too much?

And most importantly, as amazing as this looks on paper, how will it look once vertically upright on a child's garment?

We go back and forth for a week to get the sketch details just right and then its the fun part, the colouring!


Ten days later, we have the first round of colours back, and our story is brought to life. Did you hear about the rainbow sheep that live upon a rather magnificent hill? Where rainbows always stay all day every day! These sheep absorb the colour of the rainbow, giving their wool highlights of rainbow rays.Β 

When it comes to designing rainbow sheep, we need just a light touch of colour, not too much! To give our sheep fun while remaining true to their natural form, so kids can identify these balls of woolen fluff as sheep.

Their facial expressions are really brought to life here, they remain unshaken and unimpressed, under their rainbow regardless of the so-called sheepdog chasing them around. Eventually Blue, the sheepdog learns if you can't beat them, join them and what better place to be than under a rainbow.

From here we will look at tiny details to ensure they will print well and colours balanced, then it will be time to take the artwork and work it into a pattern, choose some colour backgrounds and print some sample fabric swatches.... Stay tuned for step 3.



Love, dirt and rainbows


April 11, 2020 — Kerri-Ann Kumar