Why hand drawn?
Do you know what makes our playwear different?
It's in the details. Those little details, that nature perfected so imperfectly.
We want to celebrate them, beyond a simple cartoon.  For they are perfect as they are.
What proportion is a hatchlings' body and how do they swim?
How does a lion pull back his lip?
Look at the beauty in a lioness's face. From her nose to her whiskers to the little hairs on her chin.
What texture is on the flowers and veges that grow? All the layers and shades of colouring, how does the dirt stick to the long roots as they are pulled from the ground?
Look at how a frog squats his legs and the different shades his skin throws.
How does water ripple and drain drops splash?
An elephants' eyes are ever so tiny, yet hugely gentle - how do you capture that?
It's captured with a god-gifted right to draw. It's captured with talent. 
All Coddi & Womple designs start with a pencil and paper the old school way looking at every detail that naturally exists within these creatures. We use new technology to paint the shades of colour in and tell their story true but playful.
For children love to understand our world and the discovery is never-ending.
Get curious with us and choose playwear that chooses to notice our world.
Love, dirt and rainbows


December 21, 2019 — Kerri-Ann Kumar